FINALLY! An SAP Qualified RDS for TSW.

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Reduce the cost, time and risk of your SAP Supply Chain implementation. Have you been delaying your Oil and Gas Logistics implementation because of the high time and cost commitment, not to mention the risks involved? Finally, there's an SAP Qualified Rapid Development Solution to ensure a quick implementation with a fixed cost and lower risk. Contact us to learn about the benefits of EnergyStreamâ„¢, the SAP Qualified Rapid Deployment Solution for TSW. We'll explain how EnergyStreamâ„¢ can reduce operating costs by managing midstream and downstream services. Our unique plug and play approach means we can implement our solution without interrupting your existing productivity, and we offer plenty of quickly deployed enhancements, or a step up to HANA when you're ready to expand.


  • Do you have huge truck movements?
  • How do you handle truck entry and exit and tracking of the truck whilst still in you premise?
  • Do you have an integrated weigh bridge solution?

Many such questions is what we have heard from our customers who have huge number of transportations happening via the truck mode.

The reason it is important to have effective tracking in place for trucks in the energy and natural resources sector is the cost and importance of the cargo carried. Any pilferage or loss can impact company expenses to a great extent.

Also the other important factor is to digitize the value chain to minimize human errors and pilferages. Also it is important that the shipments in SAP can be linked to the actual truck so that the business process is transparent and automated for the complete supply chain.

Splitrip provides the following functionality

  • Truck Assignment - You can assign one or multiple shipments to a truck. The system does a check for capacity and material compatibility.
  • Weigh Bridge Integration - The Splistrip offers APIs which can be used to interface weigh bridge data. The functionality facilitates for the capture of laden and unladed weight and the calculation of actual material quantity thereafter. This quantity once approved can be used to post goods movement documents in the SAP system.
  • Gate Entry System - SpliTrip starts tracking the on premise truck right from the time of gate entry. The gate personnel can intimate the weigh bridge or the operator of the arrival of the truck. In case the shipment is already attached the trip is updated with relevant status. In case of no trip generated yet the gate personnel can create one from the available open shipments.
  • Driver Verification Services - It is important to verify drivers bringing the trucks into the factory premise. In case any of the drivers have been blacklisted in the system the system shall alert the gate personnel at the time of gate entry of unauthorized entry.
  • Posting of Actuals - Once the system has calculated the actual quantity of goods brought in the system can be configured to post good movement documents. For FOB purchases or transfer movements the system can be configured for in-transit loss posting and analytics.
  • Reports - Splitrip comes with an offering of standard reports. These reports are as per the industry standards.
  • Truck Tracking - One of the other important interface of Splitrip is with the customer preferred GPS tracking software. The figure below give the data flow for a typical GPS tracking software processes. Splitrip has API which can be used to query the GPS software server for data and then display it in the desired report format or use it to generate alerts and notifications.
    SpliTrip Truck Tracking
  • Alerts and Notifications - Splitrip depending upon the GPS software solution can generate required alerts such as route deviation, geo fence breach etc. These alerts can be used to notify desired users to take the required action.
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