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SpliSmart Claims Pie Chart

Let us split the total landed cost of goods into expenses and Cost of goods.

It can be seen from the assumption that Demurrage is one of the major expense which needs to be managed and settled to the last penny.

Most of the companies typically rely on manual methods such as excel sheets and communications mechanisms such as mails to manage critical demurrage work processes. These manual processes are not linked to actual movements and hence have no history or tracking or link back to the cargo. This makes the whole process cumbersome and error prone.

SpliSmartClaims is a best in class out-of-the-box functionality for managing claims more effectively. All claims are necessarily added or received against actual cargo movements giving complete transaction and document history. The data is comprehensive and contains all claim related data along with operations actual data.

The highlights of the solution are as follows

  1. Vendor Claim Initiation : SpliSmartClaims (SSC) provides for an easy web based vendor login. The vendor depending upon their login details can view shipments which have been completed and can have potential claims. If required they select the respective shipment and initiate a claim.
  2. Document & Time Management : SSC is completely configurable to inform the user the documents required for each claim type. It also allows user to set timelines for receiving these documents and settling the claim. Once configured the system offers the required/optional document list to the vendor to upload for each initiated claim.
  3. Communication and Audit Trail : The system allows the vendor and the company to initiate and negotiate via embedded communication methodologies. The system also keeps a complete audit trail of all communications.
  4. Approval Workflows : The system has by default three level of approvals for the oil company demurrage department.
  5. Shipment Management : SSC can be configured to recognise TSW Nominations and tickets as shipments or sales/purchase documents attached to standard shipment as a claim reference or simply allow user to add a movement with external reference as a shipment for claim initiation.
  6. Settlement : The SSC solution can be configured to perform final settlement against agreed amount. The settlement can be directed to GTM expense workbench or to a shipment costing document or directly as FI entry.

SpliSmart Claims Pie Chart

The diagram gives a snapshot of the data flow for the claims management process.

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