Mobility and User Experience Services

Mobility and User Experience Services

Splisys’s Mobility Solutions are built using the latest SAP tools technologies such SAP Mobile Application Development platform and SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services. At Splisys we really believe in the mobilization of the traditional ERP business processes. Our aim is to empower you to access critical data on the go and make decisions to propel your business even further. With mobile applications your organization can improve employee productivity and customer interactions helping you gain the advantage in this competitive environment.

User Experience on the other hand is much more complex that the beautiful frontend technologies. Some of the basic questions our customers ask when we talk about user experience are:

  • SAP has released a basket of new age technologies. With so many options which technology is best suited for which level of user?
  • Also which technology would be best suited for us so as to not only minimize efforts and improve mobility, but also make sure that the User Interface performance is optimal?
  • How can improvements in UI bring about user satisfaction and also how can we bring out the value of UI transformations?

These and many more questions are typical and the best way to resolve them as seen by us is to do an exercise with the actual users to understand and then plan an improvement project with best suited technology. We at Splisys help users take up small sized design projects to understand, evaluate and thereupon arrive at the right strategy for improving their UI’s and adoption of the most appropriate technology.

Following are the highlights of the service

  • Analyze Transaction Usage Data.
  • Conduct Workshops to understand most desired and most cumbersome transactions.
  • Identify the right choice of technology depending upon performance, data entry, etc.
  • Build a plan for execution.

It would be a pleasure to discuss our UX service strategy in details with you.
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