Transit loss reporting and demurrage loss reporting is very crucial for calculation of vessel performance and for simulation of result optimization.

M-Galleon provides out-of-the-box functionality to visualize transit loss data for various parameters such, per voyage loss, per vessel loss, per route loss, cost versus material loss analysis, etc.

It also provides functionality to analyze demurrage data per vessel, per location, per route, etc.

Business Benefits

m-galleon business benefits

Tools Available out-of-the-box

  • Voyage Tracking Dashboard
  • Voyage/operational Analytics
  • Demurrage Analysis
  • Voyage Economics
  • Time Charter Equivalent

Technical Highlights

  • Based on SAP Technology
  • Based on Oil and Gas industry standards.
  • Flexible to accommodate client's complex business scenarios.
  • Leverages SAP Enterprise Portal Technology
  • Easily compatible with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0(SMP 3.0)
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