m-Clipper Inspection Reporting & Invoicing


Simplify and digitize your survey / inspection process.

Inspection report capturing in many parts of the world is still done manually. The companies which do have some form of a digital platform need to integrate the product to SAP backend to complete the quality and financial process.

M-Clipper from Splisys helps the inspection vendor to not only accept the cargo assigned to him for inspection but also capture all inspection data to the very last detail.

Portable frontend GU helps users to access the inspection dashboard from any device anywhere. The data once received can be used to perform good receipt or good issue documents via tickets or purchase/sales document respectively.

Business Benefits

m-clipper business benefits

Workflow Benefits

  • Seamless & Automated Integration
  • Full Visibility to Inspection Process
  • No Costly Data Mapping to 3rd Party Systems
  • Automatic TSW Ticket Generation
  • Automatic Invoicing
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