FINALLY! An SAP Qualified RDS for TSW.

Business Transformation Support

Reduce the cost, time and risk of your SAP Supply Chain implementation. Have you been delaying your Oil and Gas Logistics implementation because of the high time and cost commitment, not to mention the risks involved? Finally, there's an SAP Qualified Rapid Development Solution to ensure a quick implementation with a fixed cost and lower risk. Contact us to learn about the benefits of EnergyStream™, the SAP Qualified Rapid Deployment Solution for TSW. We'll explain how EnergyStream™ can reduce operating costs by managing midstream and downstream services. Our unique plug and play approach means we can implement our solution without interrupting your existing productivity, and we offer plenty of quickly deployed enhancements, or a step up to HANA when you're ready to expand.

m-Armada Marine Logistics Solutions


We realized very early on, that there is very big need for an Integrated Inspection Module in the Oil and Gas industry for the downstream bulk product movements.

A lot of money and time is wasted in collecting information from third-party inspectors and then entering them manually into the ERP system.

In addition there is a big need for real-time ship tracking and status information to be linked with the scheduled movement.

Keeping this need in mind, we have invested a lot of effort in researching, designing, and developing m-ARMADA, our Marine Logistics Solutions Suite.

Operational Efficiency

  • Optimize Inventory Positions & Valuations
  • Reduce Shipping Costs
  • Reduce uncertainties

Accounting Efficiency

  • Timely & Error Free Entries
  • Accounts closed on time
  • Financials updated automatically

Scheduling Efficiency

  • Avoid distress situations
  • Work pro-active instead of re-active
  • Full view of inventory

Powered By Netweaver

Industry experts widely acknowledge that integrating third-party software into a customized SAP ERP landscape is a task of unpredictable complexity, both in short-term and in long-term. By building m-ARMADA natively on the fundamental SAP technology of NetWeaver, we have ensured that you get unparalleled benefits.

  • Optimal Time-to-value: Your company likely has a highly customized SAP Landscape that has been built over time to accommodate different business processes as they evolve. When being introduced into your system, m-ARMADA bypasses all this complexity by utilizing its software design which is powered by SAP NetWeaver. This results in predictable and quick time to value once you decide to leverage the benefits of Splisys Marine Logistics Solutions.
  • Minimal Ownership Overhead: The software upgrade timelines are automatically synced with SAP upgrade timelines which means less moving components in your SAP ERP landscape. New SAP technologies are automatically compatible with m-ARMADA and can be leveraged as they are introduced in your SAP Landscape.
Powered by SAP Netweaver

Impact On Bottomline

Splisys Marine Logistics Portal provides a significant Return on Investment. Contact us to get our ROI calculator and assess the impact on your bottom lines.

m-Clipper Inspection Reporting & Invoicing


Simplify and digitize your survey / inspection process.

Inspection report capturing in many parts of the world is still done manually. The companies which do have some form of a digital platform need to integrate the product to SAP backend to complete the quality and financial process.

M-Clipper from Splisys helps the inspection vendor to not only accept the cargo assigned to him for inspection but also capture all inspection data to the very last detail.

Portable frontend GU helps users to access the inspection dashboard from any device anywhere. The data once received can be used to perform good receipt or good issue documents via tickets or purchase/sales document respectively.

Business Benefits

m-clipper business benefits

Workflow Benefits

  • Seamless & Automated Integration
  • Full Visibility to Inspection Process
  • No Costly Data Mapping to 3rd Party Systems
  • Automatic TSW Ticket Generation
  • Automatic Invoicing

m-Frigate Vessel Position Tracking


One of the most critical parameter for accurate monitoring of the ship is the live vessel position report along with the daily noon report sent by the Ship Captain.

M-Frigate helps the users to automate the process of vessel positioning by linking AIS data to the SAP system.

We have partnered with marine position data providers to provide an analytic as well as graphical view to see the current actual position of all the performing ships. The system allows updates voyage date with the most recent ETA so as to help accurate planning of arrival and avoid demurrage situation.

Business Benefits

m-frigate business benefits

Workflow Benefits

  • Be in control of your fleet and shipments
  • Can be integrated with lates AIS & Satellite Positioning to avoid human error
  • Integrates positioning information with our analytics dashboard



Transit loss reporting and demurrage loss reporting is very crucial for calculation of vessel performance and for simulation of result optimization.

M-Galleon provides out-of-the-box functionality to visualize transit loss data for various parameters such, per voyage loss, per vessel loss, per route loss, cost versus material loss analysis, etc.

It also provides functionality to analyze demurrage data per vessel, per location, per route, etc.

Business Benefits

m-galleon business benefits

Tools Available out-of-the-box

  • Voyage Tracking Dashboard
  • Voyage/operational Analytics
  • Demurrage Analysis
  • Voyage Economics
  • Time Charter Equivalent

Technical Highlights

  • Based on SAP Technology
  • Based on Oil and Gas industry standards.
  • Flexible to accommodate client's complex business scenarios.
  • Leverages SAP Enterprise Portal Technology
  • Easily compatible with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0(SMP 3.0)
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