About Splisys Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Splisys IT consulting's mission is to provide best in class products and services to the energy and natural resources sector, for both SAP and non-SAP solution landscapes.

Today it is the era of the technology. Each day the world is striving to bring out a better way to do things. From fast processing databases and swanky frontends to wearable gadgets, the technology has changed how business can be executed more efficiently. However adaption and turnaround time for big ERP companies with fast emerging technologies is not simple, and “the one size fits all” strategy faces the challenge of geography wise regulations and varied business models.

Also with so many options on the rack it is difficult for the business users to make a choice on the most dynamic and sustainable one. One of the other challenges the customers face is that of home-grown solutions to fulfil gaps that are not catered by standard solution offerings. This hikes up the cost of ownership and has huge impacts with moving workforce.

Splisys IT Consulting thrives at leveraging the expertise and experience of its team to provide standard, best in class out-of-the-box solutions to bridge the gaps in the standard solution offerings using SAP and non-SAP innovations.

Primarily focused on the energy and natural resources sector we aim to reduce the total cost of ownership and implementation of our customers and also through our maintenance program reduce the risks of moving workforce.

We follow an SAP certified product strategy, which helps us in bringing to our customers a technologically compliable and upgradeable product. These are easy to implement and fast to consume add-ons which can replace small home grown solutions without disrupting the base SAP Implementation, and also provide an integrated solution landscape, business completeness, digitized value chain, simple and productive frontends and reduces costs.

With our host of SAP Preferred technology partners we offer customer a whole range of services in various areas such as HANA and Analytics, Mobility and User Experience, Cloud Data Centre Services, etc. You can visit our Solutions and Services pages to view our offerings.

Please feel free to drop us a note and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our VisionOur Vision

To enable energy companies to optimize decision making and complete their supply chain automation.

Our MissionOur Mission

Mission Statement :- To plug the gaps in the SAP and non SAP process flows by providing high quality products and consulting to the energy and natural resources sector customers to help them create end – to – end digital supply chain.

Splisys Management

Manish Sinha

Manish Sinha

President and CEO

Manish has 20+ years of experience in the Energy Industry backed by a Masters in Supply Chain from Texas A&M University. He started his career in operations in an oil company before moving into SAP consulting where he spent considerable time with hydrocarbon supply chain integration and optimization. From being an analyst to being the head of Logistics for multiple large-scale SAP IS-Oil Implementations, he has delivered in multiple complex implementations globally. Manish’s journey in the industry lends him an in depth know-how of end-to-end functions. Currently, as the CEO at Splisys, Manish leads the company to deliver ground breaking innovations using latest SAP technology to the Downstream Supply Chain Industry.

Gaurav Aggarwal

Gaurav Agarwal

VP, Global Sales and Marketing

Gaurav has nearly 10 years of experience in the SAP supply chain area for oil and gas, LNG power sector, chemicals, mining and primary metals. At Splisys Gaurav drives global sales and marketing. In his present position he is responsible for driving the development of sales strategies. pricing policies, including discounts and terms and conditions. Gaurav is responsible for increasing Splisys’s penetration into SAP implementation segment and develop effective strategies for achieving in a competitive environment. Understand complex customer requirements on a business level and engage with both IT and business decision makers.

Bill Schweitzer

Bill Schweitzer

VP, Marketing

Bill has 30+ years Energy Industry experience. While IT Coordinator for the Saudi Arabian Oil Company International Operations, Bill served as the Chief Global User Representative for the development of their marine logistics system, including integrated Inspection Reporting. Later, he provided business requirements vision and functional design for the SAP supply chain initiative (TSW) for the oil and gas industry. Since then he has provided ISOIL/TSW subject matter expertise and training to a number of Energy giants. He currently serves as the Vice President, Marketing for Splisys.

Raman Suri

Raman Suri

VP, Operations

Raman drives the technical innovation and resource management at Splisys as the Vice President for Operations. Raman’s passion for SAP technology, in-depth know-how of SAP architecture and extensive experience with SAP consulting for multiple Oil & Gas majors help Splisys deliver high ROI cutting-edge solutions and services to clients. Raman enables Splisys drive lean operations focused on maximal delivery benefit and minimal costs to clients, by continuously innovating on resource management and technological innovation while ensuring profitability is maintained for the company.

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