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Splisys IT consulting's mission is to provide best in class products and services to the energy and natural resources sector, for both SAP and non-SAP solution landscapes.

Today it is the era of the technology, each day the world is striving to bring out a better way to do things. From fast processing databases and swanky frontends to wearable gadgets, the technology has changed how business can be executed more efficiently. However adaption and turnaround time for big ERP companies with fast emerging technologies is not simple, and “the one size fits all” strategy faces the challenge of geography wise regulations and varied business models. Also with so many options on the rack it is difficult for the business users to make a choice on the most dynamic and sustainable one.

One of the other challenges the customers face is that of home-grown solutions to fulfil gaps that are not catered by standard solution offerings. This hikes up the cost of ownership and has huge impacts with moving workforce.

Splisys IT Consulting thrives at leveraging the expertise and experience of its team to provide standard, best in class out-of-the-box solutions to bridge the gaps in the standard solution offerings using SAP and non-SAP innovations.

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